Arcade Block Review

If you are a fan of the aesthetic of retro gaming, then we would certainly recommend that you try the arcade gamer pack.

This box of goodies includes merchandise from the games such as Megaman, Zelda and Parappa The Rapper. If you are a fan of these games, then you’ll certainly be interested in Arcade Box.

This company aims to send you a box of collectibles once every month. The contents of most of the boxes retail at around $60, but you can get all of the goodies inside for as little as $20. This is based on the fact that subscriptions give the company more money over time.

If you have a penchant for collecting things, then we would certainly suggest that you at least try one of these arcade boxes. You can amass quite the collection of vintage game memorabilia without having to leave the comfort of your home.

But where can you find one of these arcade boxes? What are the contents like? Are they worth the price? What goodies can you expect to get in each box? Will you get something different every month?

Well, if you want the answers to these questions and a whole lot more, then we would suggest that you read on. We have an in-depth review of the arcade box, not only do we discuss what is inside, but we’ll give you an accurate summary so that you can see whether or not it is worth a portion of this month’s wages.

What Is an Arcade Box?

Arcade Box is part of the Nerd Block company that caters to fans of retro gaming. Do you remember Kirby’s Dreamland? Do you have that special place in your heart for Zelda? Well, this might be the company for you.

This company aims to satisfy the need for computer game merchandise. If you are a parent, then this is definitely one for your teenage son or daughter. However, this is not limited to younger people, you can still get plenty of goodies for those who grew up with retro games.

If you feel that your bedroom is looking a little sparse, then this box is also great. You can decorate your shelves with these toys. However, you can also get Zelda candle holders and keychains. With a Gameboy on your chain, there won’t be any mistaking your keys when you next go out to work.

Okay, that’s a brief overview of what the company provides, now we’ll be moving onto the contents themselves.

What Do You Get Inside Your Box?

Each month you will get a different selection of goodies, so you won’t have to worry about getting the same things twice. In our first box, we got a selection of 5 items, each of which was uniquely different. They were as follows:

  1. Overwatch T-shirt - from the smash-hit online role-playing game, you can get the t-shirt of your favorite team.
  2. Legend of Zelda glass candle holder - from the legendary Zelda series, this comes with a solid glass candle holder that you can use to illuminate your bedroom.
  3. Megaman Field Guide - this is an exclusive map of the Megaman world, which will definitely appeal to fans of this Nintendo classic.
  4. Assassin’s Creed toy - this small toy of the inimitable hero from assassin’s Creed will look wonderful on a shelf or as a cuddly toy for your child.
  5. Gameboy Flash Light Key Chain - not only is this useful for finding your keys during the day, with a handy flashlight, you can also find your keys during the nighttime.

A combination of useful and merely aesthetically interesting, the total retail price of these items individually is much more than when you get them in this handy box.

Another great thing about this package is the box itself. Not only is it durable enough to withstand the battering of transportation, but you can also recycle it once you’ve finished with it. This is great for any retro gamer fans who also want to be environmentally conscious.

Also in this box is a $10 Nerd Block gift voucher. If you collect 10 of these, then you can get upwards of $100 off your next Nerd Block purchase. This will definitely appeal to anyone who wants to get as much value as possible for their Arcade Box subscription and plans to be in it for the long haul.

Is It Worth The Money?

Above we have only listed one of the many things that could be included in your Arcade Box. You can also get pins from Pacman, Splatoon posters, or pinball games from Sonic the Hedgehog. This really is an amazing selection of products.

Whether or not you are a video game fan, this can still make a neat gift for anyone of any age. We would definitely recommend it for a birthday present for a teenager, as this will undoubtedly have everything that you need for an adolescent who wants to customize their bedroom.

This company also offers a great returns policy. If the items in your Arcade Box are damaged or broken, you can simply return them to the company for no extra charge. We also found that the box was very durable and you probably won’t receive any damaged items in the post.

Our Final Say

We would say that altogether, this Arcade Box is affordable and pretty cheap. You can have a cool selection of your favorite retro game items delivered right to your door. 

Not only is this great for fans of Zelda, Mario and Sonic, but it will also be a relief for parents looking for that quick stocking filler at Christmas.

The T-shirts probably have the longest lifespan of all the items that you have in your Arcade Box and are worth the $20 price tag alone.