Buddhibox Review

In today’s article, we are going to be exploring the much-desired subscription box known as Buddhibox. We have a feeling that so many people are going to love this and it is especially suited to those who love all things holistic. 

You can expect zen, calmness, gorgeous scents, and much more from this wonderful box. Is your interest piqued yet? Just wait until you find out more. 

If you have been thinking about subscribing to Buddhibox or you enjoy holistic and yoga-inspired things, we highly suggest that you check out this review! 

What is Buddhibox?

So, as you might have guessed, Buddhibox is a subscription box with a special twist. It is yoga-themed, and so it is very unique and unlike many of the other subscription boxes out there. 

The idea of the subscription box was inspired by the lifestyle that practices such as yoga promotes. As such, this box is perfect for holistic healing lovers and yoga fans alike. Each box is designed with mindfulness and the practice of yoga in mind. 

As such, whatever box you get, no matter its contents, will always have some sort of link to yoga, whether that be with an inspiration quotation or a meditation prompt. 

The creators state and acknowledge that the very idea of a yoga business like this can be seen as an oxymoron since yoga is not typically synonymous with the material world. 

However the company tries their very best to link the two as genuinely as possible, and only uses supplies from women-owned US businesses, or artisan creators in Asia, the birthplace of these very practices. 

As well as this, any beauty products, cosmetics, and toiletries that are included are carefully sourced to ensure they are cruelty-freeAnyonedowntime. All artisans are also fairtrade assured. 

Their main box is the Yoga Box, and this features a variety of different products based on a monthly theme.

However, they also have boxes that are specific to different interests. For example, they have a subscription box focussed solely on Essential Oils and another that focuses solely on jewelry. ‘

We will be taking a thorough look at the expected contents of each of these boxes in a little more detail later on in the article, but for now, let’s move on and find out who Buddhibox is suited to. 

Who is Buddhibox for?

Buddhibox is the perfect subscription box for anyone interested in yoga. Yoga is its main inspiration, and so practitioners of this ancient activity will surely adore everything this box has to offer. 

However, we are also keen to express that this box is not just for yoga bunnies. Anyone with an interest in holistic therapies, meditation, or an appreciation of all things holistic and zen will love this box. 

It makes the perfect gift for your mom-friend who is exploring meditation in their downtime. It is ideal for your stressed out work colleague who needs a pick me up.

Of course, it is the very best self-care for you when you are feeling frazzled in life and need something to look forward to in your mailbox. 

How often is Buddhibox sent out?

So, you may be wondering how often you have got this wonderful subscription box. Well, we are happy to confirm that this is indeed a monthly subscription box, so you can experience the sheer joy of Buddhibox in each of the 12 months of every year! 

What’s more, each month has a theme! This means that every box you receive will be unique in some way.

Of course, yoga and mindfulness will always be the focus, but you may have a different word or feeling to focus on each month. For example, some of the recent boxes have had themes of Gratitude, Abundance, and Sankalpa. 

What can I expect in a Buddhibox? 

The contents of any subscription box are always the most exciting part, and we just so happen to be head over heels in love with what the Buddhibox has to offer.

As we have mentioned, every month is different, but just a glance at what previous months’ boxes have contained is enough to get you jumping for joy. 

In the past, The Yoga Box offered by Buddhiboxes has contained wonderful items such as natural candles, essential oils, jewelry, bath salts, handmade cosmetics, healing crystals, accessories, herbal teas, healthy snacks such as plant based cereal bars, and much more. 

As well as these fabulous products, in each box, you will always get something related to the theme. For example, you may get a meditation activity, a quotation from a sacred yoga text, or a teaching from a fellow yogi. 

Of course, as we mentioned earlier in the article, there are also two other types of subscription boxes available. These are the essential oils box and the jewelry box. As you might have guessed, each of these focuses solely on the theme. 

The Essential Oil Box, for example, usually features a bottle of lovely oil, as well as products infused with essential oils. They may also have crystals and other gifts that link to the properties of that oil. This box is available every month like the Yoga Box

Likewise, the Jewelry Box obviously contains jewelry. However, they may also have other gifts such as crystals and other accessories to match the themes. These are available every quarter rather than monthly. 

What is the price and shipping cost of Buddhibox? 

The price of Buddhibox varies depending on what type of box you choose. The original box is, of course, The Yoga Box. This retails at $39.95 each month. We think this is such a bargain considering the contents usually equal around $80! 

The Jewelry Box is available 4 times a year and it costs $49.95. This is a little pricier but bear in mind that it has jewelry and is available less often. The monthly price for the Essential Oils box is just $21.95 making it a bargain find, and great for a small pick-me-up. 

Shipping is calculated based on your location but is competitively priced.