Citrus Lane Review

Are you a new parent? Are you wondering how best to get toys that are right for your 1-year-old? Well, never fear, as this is where a company such as Citrus Lane comes into its own.

Citrus Lane is a company that specializes in marketing products to parents, designing boxes that you can customize for you and your child. You can browse their website and add items to the box.

They have a section of ‘best of’ toys for that month, allowing moms and dads to include some of the very newest products on the market.

This company also allows its users to select a range of products that can vote on their toys and leave reviews. This way, any new parent can check to see if they want to include these toys in their latest subscription box.

So where exactly can you get these subscription boxes? How much are they? What can you include in your 1-year-old’s subscription box? What are the best toys that are included in the bundle? How easy is the website to navigate?

Well, if you are a new parent besieged by these questions, then don’t you worry. We have a comprehensive review of the wonderful Citrus Lane subscription pack. This takes all the pain out of shopping for your child, with great products delivered straight to your door.

What Is Citrus Lane?

Citrus Lane is a great up-and-coming company that is dedicated to giving new parents the luxury of choice without any of the hassle of shipping. They aim to create a community-based consumer experience, providing parents with a mixture of educational and fun toys to play with.

After signing up with your subscription, you get 4 or 5 products in every box, so you won’t have to worry about finding something that will appeal to your child. You can get airplanes, picture books and rattles, with plenty of sensory interaction that will help your child grow and develop.

These come with the best and newest products currently available on the market. You can adapt your box from week to week if you like. If you want your child to experience the most innovative toys on the market, then Citrus Lane is a great place to start.

But it’s not just toys that you can get in a box, this company also gives you cleaning products and health products. This is great for improving the health of your child and making sure that they get everything that you need for optimum energy levels.

What Subscriptions Does Citrus Lane Have?

Let’s first look at the price, as this might be a thing that is making parents anxious. This box comes at a flat fee of around $30 a month. In your box, you will get around 4 to 5 products, which include not only toys but snacks and educational books.

These boxes are very handy and will really help you if you are a single parent and you might be juggling a job with child-rearing and might find it difficult to make time for shopping for your toddler.

Altogether, the sum price of the items is worth more than the price of the subscription itself, so this gives you a great deal. This will ultimately save you more money in the long run, although you will have to commit to paying for your subscription on a month-by-month basis.

Once you have given your child their products and you have worked out which ones they enjoy playing with the most, then you can go on the Citrus Lane website and leave some reviews for other moms and dads to read, so that they can decide which are the best products to buy for their children.

This is one of the most appealing things about the Citrus Lane package: that you can form a community with other parents online, sharing testimonies and reviews and really creating a strong bond.

If you are finding it difficult to meet up with parents in real life, sometimes having online moms and dads to chat to can be a godsend.

One negative part of this box is the fact that sometimes the snacks that are included can be quite sugary. One of the products we ordered came with a packet of cookies. This might not appeal to parents who want to give their child the healthiest start in life.

We understand that it is quite difficult to store vegetables and fresh fruit in a cardboard box, as it probably won’t be that appetizing by the time it gets to you.

We would suggest that you pick up one subscription and then see how your child likes the products that are included. You can always cancel after one subscription and Citrus Lane makes it very easy for you to stop receiving their products.

This box will usually ship in the middle of the month and you can actually arrange with your postal company to have your package delivered at the right time for you. This is a very easy to handle package and comes with very little wastage, which is great for environmentally conscious families.

Our Final Say

When it comes to subscription boxes, Citrus Lane will be a hard one to beat. Not only does it come with plenty of toys for your child to play with, but it is actually a great package for children that are under 3 years old.

We would recommend that you sign up for one subscription package at first before committing to the next few deliveries.

There are very few complaints about this website, so if you are a parent starting on your quest for new toys for your child, then we would suggest that you start with Citrus Lane.