Fortune Cookie Soap Box Subscription Review

Everybody deserves a chance to pamper themselves. An opportunity to inject luxury into the everyday, and take a moment for a treat. Unfortunately, increasingly hectic lifestyles make it difficult to find the time.

Subscription boxes make indulgence easy. With the Fortune Cookie Soap subscription, each month you receive specially curated items for the bath and body. These products fit perfectly into the home, adding a touch of pamper to the daily routine.

In this review, we cover everything there is to know about the Fortune Cookie Soap subscription box. If you want guaranteed good things coming through your door, we predict this is something you’ll like.

Who is Fortune Cookie Soap?

Fortune Cookie Soap (or FCS) is a family business that started out of the home. Since then, they’ve expanded nationally, making unique and safe products for the bath and body. 

Their signature item is the namesake fortune cookie soap. These cute little soaps are designed in the shape of a fortune cookie, and each one even comes with a fortune inside. FCS don’t just make items that look good, they focus on creating things that work and feel fantastic. 

The subscription box has been running for a few years now, and has gained quite a loyal following. The box features limited edition items from the Fortune Cookie Soap store, packaged and sent to your home.

Each month, FCS has a small launch party announcing the box and the theme. Then the special delivery turns up in your letterbox. Once a quarter, Fortune Cookie Soap releases a slightly more indulgent box. This one contains extra products, and features a glitzier launch.

The items included in the subscription box are small batch, and body focused. You can often find something for the face, or the hair. Occasionally, FCS also releases household products.

Subscription Types


Don’t we all deserve to take time for ourselves at least once a month? That’s the ethos behind the FCS subscription monthly option. 12 times a year, you receive a box containing a themed release from Fortune Cookie Soap.

This includes 3 deluxe sample sized products, and 1 full sized product. Packaged in with this is a scent description postcard, telling you all you need to know about the products.

This subscription can be paid monthly, or upfront annually. With the monthly option, you’re given the opportunity to skip a box you don’t like.

Before the official launch, FCS announce what to expect. Then, you have 10 days to decide to skip it or keep it. Annual subscribers aren’t given the choice to skip.


With the quarterly option, a subscriber receives a delivery from FCS 4 times a year - February, May, August, and November. This is a special box, and inside is one of the signature fortune cookie soaps, as well as 5 deluxe sized products. That makes for 6 incredible themed items in total.

The monthly subscribers also receive the quarterly box as the monthly delivery when it’s released.

What we like about Fortune Cookie Soap Subscription

Each month is based around a carefully selected theme, and they really go all in. This isn’t just the same items changing scents, every theme gets a different set of perfectly matching products. That really emphasizes that FCS puts a great deal of thought into every item that goes into the box. 

The packaging is attractive, and tends to be on theme. Everything is very neatly put together. The scent descriptor cards are funny and informative, giving you an opportunity to learn about what you’re receiving, as well as tie together the theme.

The products included are really high quality. It never feels as though FCS are using the subscription box to get rid of old stock. The scents are amazing, and everything feels good to use. FCS have made the box a luxury at a lower price.

You really are getting value for money with the box - especially as the shipping is free. The total cost of everything purchased separately would be almost double what you pay for the box.

Allowing monthly subscribers to skip a box when they want is a nifty option. It means if the items don’t appeal to you, or you simply don’t need anything at the moment, you can pause the subscription. This is incredibly easy to do, and it makes the subscription really fit your needs.

Once a quarter, the box is guaranteed to include a fortune cookie soap! These signature items feel special on the skin, and they’re always impeccably designed.

What we don’t like about Fortune Cookie Soap Subscription

Themes are nice, but that does mean everything you get in a box can be pretty similar. And if you aren’t a fan of that month's theme, then there might be nothing in the delivery that’s right for you.

Some products can be small. Fortune Cookie Soap are upfront about sample sizing, and it’s to be expected in a lower budget subscription box. However, sometimes the products can seem a bit too small to be of any use.

Monthly deliveries are great to receive, but it can feel like a little much. After a while, products may start to build up - especially if there’s been a few in a row you don’t like. Of course, this is pretty common across subscription boxes.

A real advantage to the monthly subscription is that you can skip any deliveries that aren’t right for you

Final Thoughts

The Fortune Cookie Soap subscription box delivers high-quality items at a great price. Every box is so carefully put together that you really feel you’re getting something special. The scents are sublime, and range from the quirky to the sophisticated.

Themed boxes based on small batch items means that every delivery is something new. Monthly subscribers have the choice to skip boxes they don’t enjoy (although we don't think you’ll be skipping many). 

If you’re after a well-thought-out pamper box with lovely beauty items, the Fortune Cookie Soap subscription is the perfect choice.