Gamer Girl Monthly Review

Did you know that 52% of the gaming population is female? The stereotype that games are only a pastime for adolescent boys is slowly being eradicated, but many big-budget games and subsequent merchandise are still aggressively marketed towards male gamers- and this includes subscription boxes.

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of niche-orientated products, often curated by experts just for you. If you have a particular interest in something, there’s almost always a subscription box for it. But what about gaming?

There are loads of gaming-related subscription boxes available out there, most notably LootCrate, which provide themed monthly subscription boxes for those interested in games, film, and all ‘geek’ culture. But Lootcrate’s marketing is androgynous at best, so what about the girls who want super cute gaming-themed jewelry and goodies? Well, that’s where Gamer Girl Monthly comes in. 

What is Gamer Girl Monthly?

Gamer Girl Monthly is the subscription box for girl gamers, made by girl gamers. It’s a monthly subscription service that provides a new box at your doorevery month, packed with geeky gaming jewelry and collectibles following a certain theme. 

Each box contains 3-5 pieces of jewelry as well as other cute gamer stuff (usually a mystery item, an enamel pin, and a custom monthly theme pouch).  

Each month's box is based on a theme and will contain $20 to $30 worth of products. For example, some of their past themes include Heroines, Pixels, and Power-Up. 

What comes in the box?

The contents of each box will vary slightly from person to person, while still following the monthly theme. This is because when you first subscribe to Gamer Girl Monthly, you complete a small questionnaire.

This questionnaire is designed to help the ladies at Gamer Girl Monthly understand a little more about you, your likes and dislikes. The first question asks you about your gaming preferences, and you select your favorites out of their list. 

This is a helpful feature as it prevents you from receiving a box with items related to games that you don’t even play. With many subscription boxes, getting at least one item you don’t care much for is pretty much inevitable, but not with Gamer Girl Monthly. 

They have all the popular games on there; from Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Lego, to League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and The Legend of Zelda. They make you select at least 7 games, this ensures that they’ll be able to find you unique goodies every single time.

The questions get more specific, too. They’ll ask you about what kind of jewelry you tend to wear and what kind of accessories you’re interested in receiving. Some of their options include art prints, Funko figures, stickers, tote bags, socks, scarves, keychains, sunglasses, hair accessories, and candles. 

On your monthly delivery date, you’ll receive a small red box through the post. The packaging is adorable- adorned with their logo on and branding on a wine-red backdrop. 

When you open the box, you’ll be greeted with a little welcome card. This usually explains the month’s theme and gives a little rundown of what’s inside your box, as well as a personal thank you message from the creators. 

Beneath the card, you’ll find your items. There will always be a themed pouch, so be sure to check inside for extra goodies such as earrings and stickers. An example of one box would be; one pouch, one necklace, one mystery item, one ring, one pair of earrings. 

However, this will depend on what options you selected when filling out the questionnaire, as each box is personalized and curated just for you. 

They’ll keep sending you boxes until you cancel the subscription yourself, as when you pay for your first box, it continues an automatic monthly subscription.

How much does Gamer Girl Monthly cost?

The subscription service costs $22.99 with free shipping to the United States. This is a fair price for a themed and curated subscription box. However, if you’re shipping internationally (outside the US), it can get a little pricey.

Shipping to Canada costs $9.99 and $12.99 everywhere else. If you’re an international customer, it may not be the most cost-effective subscription box for you. But if you don’t mind paying a little more for a personalized girly gamer touch, then Gamer Girl Monthly is a great option!

You’ll be billed on the same day each month, this date is chosen by you. You’ll automatically be billed each month until you cancel your subscription. Canceling is super easy, just log in to your account and edit it. 

We like that Gamer Girl Monthly has a 30-day replacement warranty on all of their subscription box items. This means that if, for example, some earrings have broken during shipment and you can’t wear them. 

You can simply take a picture of the broken item and send it to their customer service team, and they’ll send you a replacement free of charge! This ensures that you always get value for your money and a quality product that will last, and a warranty for your peace of mind. 

The Bottom Line

The Gamer Girl Monthly subscription box is full of variety and charm and fills a niche gap in the market- female gamers. Their items are genuinely adorable and are usually things you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere. They do a great job at combining new and relevant themes with products that spark nostalgia and happiness.

If you’re a girl who loves jewelry and cute accessories as well as gaming, you won’t go wrong with Gamer Girl Monthly. If you’re in the US, shipping is free and it’s a pretty affordable monthly box. However, if you’re shipping internationally, you should expect to pay a little more each month to receive your items.