Horror Block Review

It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence, and solitude - H.P. Lovecraft 

Whether we want to admit it or not, there’s a little darkness inside all of us, a part of our soul that pulls us toward the morbid curiosities and grim grimoires that exist merely to facilitate our desire to revel in the darker side of life.

We are all more than a little fond of being spooked, scared, and frightened by the things that go bump in the night, and often spend far too much of what little precious free time we do have seeking them out for our own gloomy titillation. 

Being a horror fan doesn’t brand you as a social pariah or outcast, and as most people enjoy being terrified by the monsters and ghouls that lurk on the other side of the spectral curtain, and the stygian depths of human nature, it's the only aspect of fandom that anyone and everyone can understand and absolutely relate to. 

But how do you nourish your inner demon if your fandom is merely a cloak for fanaticism? What do you do when you’ve crossed the barrier that separates the banal mainstream interest in genre fandom from the rabid, all-consuming allegiance of the true horror devotee?

How do you feed your need to surround yourself with all manner of horror-related trinkets, keepsakes, and collectibles? 

You could, if you’re anything like us, sign on the dotted line and trust Horror Block to cater to your every whim, with their monthly mystery boxes that are filled with all manner of ghastly pleasures and delights.

It is, after all, a box that has been created by horror fiends to satiate the devilish appetites of their peers and is dispatched once every lunar cycle to turn the upside-down frowns of disciples of the dark side the right way around. 

What Shadowy Figures Lurk Behind The Block? 

Horror Block was the brainchild of the people responsible for bringing Nerd Block, the monthly mystery geek-centric subscription box, to life. Unless you’ve spent eternity locked in a tomb of despair, you’ll probably be aware of the furor that Nerd Block instilled in the fringes of fandom when it first debuted. 

Nerd Block was and is a devastatingly simple idea. It’s a box that’s sourced and packed by, much as we’re loath to use the term, nerds for nerds that was filled with all manner of assorted, and surprising geeky goodness. 

It was a concept that geeks everywhere adored, and it was long before the people responsible for breathing life into Nerd Block realized that they weren’t providing the service that some of their more passionate customers wanted, and Horror Block was born. 

What Is Horror Block? 

Horror Block, like its progenitor Nerd Block, is a monthly, mystery subscription box that’s dedicated solely to supplying horror fans with all of the creepy collectibles, paraphernalia, novelties, and ephemera that their dark souls could, and would ever want and desire. 

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of horror collectors? Horror Block knows, which is why it’s become an underground sensation, whose monthly arrival is anticipated and celebrated by all of those who have already subscribed to the service. 

How Does Horror Block Work?  

It’s simple and straightforward. Just sail on the blackened tide of the internet to the Nerd Block site, chose the Horror Block option, select subscribe, and begin to fill out the form that asks you a selection of brief questions about your fandom, that you need to answer honestly if you want to fall in love with the contents of your Blocks (or boxes as they’re commonly known) that will arrive each month. 

Be aware, you’ll also be quizzed about your tee-shirt size, but don’t worry it isn’t some weird perversion on their part, it’s merely so that they can ensure that you receive the right size shirt every month.

Once you’ve answered the questions, and submitted your billing details, your first box will be sent to you and will be followed (that you’ll be billed for just before it’s mailed to you) by one box a month after that until, or if, you decide to cancel your subscription. 

What’s In The Box And Is Horror Block Worth It? 

Every month you’ll receive a box that contains collectibles, books, comics from all spheres of the horror genre.

As well as the carefully selected four to eight items, at least half of which will be Horror Block exclusives, your box will also contain a tee-shirt, so even though most of its contents will be a mystery, the shirt will always be a constant. 

Oh, and lest we forget,  each box also comes with a sheet that explains the contents of that month’s box and why they were chosen for you. 

Is the box worth the fee that you’ll pay for it? We think so, as the dark and devilish delights that each Block presents to you are guaranteed to be worth at least twice what you’ll pay for them, which seems like a horribly good bargain and affordable way to fund your horror habit to us. 

The Downside Of The Block 

The only problem with Horror Block is the same as it is with every mystery box. You never know what you’re going to get until the box actually arrives on your doorstep. And, the chances that you won’t like everything that it contains are pretty high, as we haven’t liked everything that we’ve received.

Surprises are nice, but too much of a good thing can ultimately end up spoiling it. We just wish that the box was slightly less mysterious than it is, but as some wise old undead soul once said, “You can’t always get what you want”. 

Horror Block - The Final Word

So far we’ve enjoyed, and taken pleasure in at least half of the contents of each box that we’ve been sent. Will that continue to be the case? Only time will tell, but we can’t see it lasting forever and there will almost certainly come a time when we will cancel the service. Will you enjoy Horror Block as much as we do? That, we’re afraid, is a question that only you can answer.