Marvel Collector Corps Review

Marvel Studios has depicted the Marvel superheroes so beautifully that the whole world has fallen in love with them - Stan Lee

It’s hard to believe that there was a time, not so long ago, when Marvel was facing bankruptcy, and its, at the time sixty-year legacy of rich, diverse storytelling and mind-boggling mythology almost disappeared for good.

In the two decades since they nearly vanished, Marvel hasn’t just turned its fortunes around, it’s become one of the most instantly recognizable brands in the world. 

While they weren’t solely responsible for righting their own sinking ship, the emergence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney’s acquisition of the brand having played a large role in their sterling come back, if it wasn’t for the characters they created and their continuing and ever-evolving legacy, the dramatic turnaround would never have been possible. 

As Ben Parker once told his nephew Peter, “With great power comes great responsibility”, and Marvel being Marvel, decided to follow Ben’s advice, and only use their position as the premier comics publisher for good, which is why they partnered with Funko to create the incredible Marvel Collector Corps subscription box. 

Marvel And Funko 

Funko has a long tradition of releasing incredible value subscription boxes that contain exclusive Pops (the vinyl figures that the brand was built around) and associated merchandise that it’s impossible to find anywhere else.

They were and are a leading light in the subscription box industry and helped to refine and develop the model that other brands have chosen to adopt and adhere to. 

The Marvel Collector Corps subscription box was originally launched in two thousand and fifteen, and thanks to its incredible success, led to Funko teaming up with Marvel’s parent company Disney to produce two other subscription-only Funko boxes, Smuggler's Bounty (which was dedicated to Star Wars characters) and Disney Treasures, a box that was based on the myriad of Disney characters. 

Marvel Collector Corps - How It Works

While the boxes were originally only available from Funko, from July two thousand and eighteen onward, Amazon took over the reins and began to release Marvel Collector Corps subscription boxes. Unlike a lot of subscription boxes, Marvel Collector Corps doesn’t adhere to a monthly schedule and doesn’t subscribe to the “mystery box” philosophy. 

Collector Corps follows a bi-monthly schedule, which sends boxes out to subscribers in January, March, May, July, September, and November. The first box they released was based on Marvel’s merc with a mouth, Deadpool, and the latest box in the range, at the time of writing, is dedicated to the forthcoming Marvel animated series, What If? 

Every box in the Collector Corps series is dedicated to a specific character, and since Amazon has taken the lead and assumed responsibility for the range the boxes that they’ve released have included Venom, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Black Widow, and as subscribers are able to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime service, which means that the subscription boxes that they order will arrive the next day. 

Another hidden benefit of Amazon assuming responsibility for the Marvel Collector Corps is the boxes are available for far longer than they normally would be.

New subscribers and customers can order older boxes that they might have missed that were based around and dedicated to their favorite superheroes, and rather than committing to a full subscription, can simply order the boxes as and when they want to. 

It’s an idea and a concept that, while not being exactly original, offers anyone who might be new to the world of subscription boxes a chance to test the waters and see if it’s something that they want to sign up for or just want to treat as an occasional indulgence. Either way, it’s been purpose-designed for and focused toward both the rabid collector and casual fan alike. 

Marvel Collector Corps - What Do You Get In A Box And Is It Worth It? 

As we’ve already mentioned, each box is dedicated to a specific hero or character in the Marvel Universe, so everything in that box is focused solely on that character. Each box contains either four or five different collectibles, two of which will be exclusive Pops.  

Depending on which box you sign up for, you might also be asked your tee-shirt size, as that’s right, the box in question will contain an exclusive tee-shirt. 

The Collector Corps also differs from the usual mystery subscription boxes because Amazon tells their subscribers what the box is going to contain and what their customers can expect to receive in each box.

Amazon won’t, and don’t supply photographs, or show their subscribers the items that they’ll get, so even though there’s still an element of surprise, the recipients do at least have some idea about what’s waiting in store for them when they open each box. 

As each box contains at least two Funko pops, the value of what’s inside it far exceeds the price that you’ll pay, especially when the other, often high-value items, are factored into the equation, And given the nature of the collector market, everything in each box will only escalate in value, making the Marvel Collector Corps a solid investment.

Are the boxes worth it? They are, and the Collector Corps remains one of the best value Marvel and Funko subscription boxes for both casual and die-hard fans alike

Is There A Downside?  The Final Word

Honestly, there isn’t one. The Marvel Collector Corps is one of the only subscription boxes that has purposely been designed and made for fans of Funko and Marvel.

Thanks to the subscription model that Amazon uses, fans can dip in and out of the range as they see fit, and have an idea of what they will or won’t get in each box, which can help them to decide whether or not they want to buy a box or wait for a couple of months until the next one becomes available. 

It is without a shadow of a doubt, our favorite long-standing subscription box, and one that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any, and all four-color and pop fans. Make ours Marvel!