Mickey Monthly Review

Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable characters in modern media, as the face and icon of the Walt Disney company.

Between all the films and franchises, Disney has a lot of characters and media sources to offer, and it has amassed a huge amount of fans, so it is no wonder that there are plenty of business opportunities surrounding the themes of Disney. 

Mickey Monthly is a subscription box for all things Disney, perfect for Disney lovers. But what exactly is it, and what boxes does it offer?

We can tell you all that and more, in this review of Mickey Monthly. So by the end of it, you can decide for yourself whether it is worth purchasing or not! 

Let’s get right into it. 

What is Mickey Monthly?

Mickey Monthly is a monthly subscription box service, just as we mentioned, that is dedicated to bringing the magic of Disney Theme Parks, straight to your door. It offers a couple of different monthly Disney boxes, perfect for Disney fans.

These boxes can include many different products, which are officially licensed Disney items that mostly come straight from the Disney Parks. 

It is known as the original Disney box subscription service, and it is by far one of the most popular and well-known worldwide, as it ships internationally. 

There are plenty of reviews from the huge amounts of customers that this subscription service has, and most of them are incredibly positive, highly recommending the subscription to anyone that loves Disney, and that wants to get some of the iconic items but isn’t able to go to the Disney Park to get them. 

What box subscriptions does Mickey Monthly offer?

The main focus of Mickey Monthly is the different subscription boxes that they offer, as that is what their service is all about. There are quite a few different monthly boxes that you can choose from, so let’s go over them all:

The Original Series Box:

This monthly box comes packed with officially licensed Disney items and merchandise. None of them come from Disney Theme Parks, but instead, they are iconic and beloved surprise items. 

There are three different options for this box, each at a different price:

The Royal Bundle:

With a value of over $115, it includes at least one designer item every month. It is ideal for female adults or overall Disney fans, and all the items included are premium.

It comes with at least three mystery items and costs $90 per month. 

The Magic Size:

This box is a mixture of medium-sized souvenirs, along with some Disney-themed snacks. It is fully customized to you, and it comes with at least four mystery items. It costs $39 per month. 

The Classic Size:

This box is a mixture of small-sized souvenirs, with basic items and some snacks. It is fully customized to you, and it comes with at least two mystery items. It costs $19 per month. 

The Pin Edition Box:

If you collect Disney pins, then this is the box for you, as it ships a box full of special Disney pins every month! 

There are two different Pin Edition options to choose from.

The Pin Pro:

This box includes new and authentic Disney Pins, with a guaranteed authentic pin every single month. The pins are all guaranteed to be brand new, and the box costs $13.95 per month. (There is no card backing). 

The Pin Collector:

With this box, you get the pins from Pin Pro, plus some limited edition pins on top. Every month you are guaranteed to get an authentic pin and a new Disney pin, as well as a limited edition or limited release pin. It costs $29.95, and card backing is available. 

The Snack Edition Box:

The Snack Edition boxes are a mixture of Disney snacks that come straight from Disney Parks, making them authentically Disney. 

There are three options for the Snack Edition.

Fairy Size:

Ideal for one person, it includes three mystery snacks. It costs $29.99.

Mickey Size:

Ideal for one person, it includes over four mystery snacks. It costs $49.99.

Castle Size:

Ideal for multiple people, it includes more than five snacks. It costs $79.99. 

The Theme Park Experience Box:

The Theme Park Experience Box is completely customizable, and you get to choose whether you want snacks, souvenirs, or both, all from Disney Theme Parks. 

There are four size options for the Theme Park box.


A mix of basic snacks or souvenirs. It costs $29.99. 


A mix of basic and medium-sized snacks or souvenirs. It costs $49.99. 


A mix of basic, medium, and large snacks and souvenirs. It includes at least three large mystery items. It costs $79.99. 


An extra big mix of basic, medium, and large snacks or souvenirs. It includes at least six large mystery items. It costs $199.99. 

The Loungefly Edition Box:

This box is all about bringing Disney to your home, with one large item shipped to you every month. 

There is a single option for the Loungefly Box.

Disney backpack: 

It includes one authentic Loungefly backpack, brand new. It costs $80 per month. 

The Shirt Edition Box:

This box sends you an authentic Disney t-shirt, brand new from a Disney Theme Park, every single month. This way you can grow your collection. It also tracks all the t-shirts you receive, to avoid duplicates. It costs $35 per month. 

Is Mickey Monthly worth it?

Mickey Monthly is a hugely popular subscription box service, and for good reason. It ships authentic Disney items, some of them from Disney Theme Parks, straight to your door.

For fans that are unable to go to these Theme Parks themselves, or that perhaps don’t have access to limited edition Disney items, this subscription service is absolutely perfect, and pretty accessible price-wise. 

Overall, we would say that it is indeed worth it and highly recommended. All the reviews on the Mickey Monthly website are overwhelmingly positive, and with all the customizable options you’re guaranteed to be happy with what you receive.