Monthly Mystery Box Of Awesome Review

A monthly box subscription can be a fun way to get a specific genre of items while learning about new products that you might never have known about. But what if you’re not the obsessive type?

Maybe you like gardening, but not enough to spend every weekend working on your flowers. Maybe you enjoy a Marvel movie, but not enough to want your rooms decorated miniatures.

Well, That Daily Deal has created a monthly subscription box for you! The “Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome” is a completely random assortment of treasures that you would never have known existed. You could get military food, large tees, chef-grade knives, and a unicorn water bottle all in one box!

History of the Company

That Daily Deal has been creating mystery boxes since 2006, which is an amazingly long time for a subscription company. Their whole purpose is to give their customers a variety of fun items that most people don’t know exist or could never normally get hold of. The idea was to bring value and variety into everyone’s homes.

Types of Items you can Expect

Unlike most subscription boxes, the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome doesn’t care what gender you are. They want to send out the most interesting items regardless of who they were originally targeted for. As That Daily Deal  says, “embrace your counter gender side!”

This means that your box will be filled with items for anyone, and some months might be more your style than others.

The boxes can contain anything from a hoverboard, unusual wrapping paper, and Marvel memorabilia, to eco-friendly filtration cups, furniture pads, glowing kids toys.  You can literally receive anything in these boxes.

To some people, this will sound like a dream! The random assortment of items means you can dive into cultures of our country that you never knew existed, or you can always have gifts to send to friends and family that would better appreciate the items you don’t care for.

To other people, this mix of aimless odds and ends will feel like a box of junk that you gamble on, hoping to find a gem.

Mini Mystery Box of Awesome

The whole point of a mystery box is that you don’t know what you will get, but if you are worried about the number of items you may not want from the subscription, That Daily Deal has a smaller and cheaper option.

“Mini Mystery Box of  Awesome” is half the price of the original box, and instead of receiving 7 items, you’ll be receiving 1-3.

Quality of the Items

Each item from the subscription has been carefully wrapped, comes with any of the instructions needed, and ticks all the boxes when it comes to care. This is, of course, the bare minimum we would expect from any services, but it’s important to note our experience from the beginning.

Some of the items are a little lackluster, like the hand sanitizer we received, which wasn’t any better or worse than what you can get at a store. We also received some items that very few people would find interesting or useful, like furniture protectors for you to add on the bottom of your couches’ leg to protect a wooden floor.

But we also received some funny and helpful items too. One item was a sleek message board with a wooden back and a silver whiteboard. It would look great in a kitchen and can be used with any whiteboard marker.

Another item was an A4 booklet of wrapping paper of gross, silly, and pretty images. These would be great for a Halloween or birthday party.

We also received a Moscow Mule Mug, which was beautifully handcrafted and made of copper.

We cannot deny that most of the items were not for us, but the mug, in particular, was a massive hit!

Value of The Box vs. Price of The Box

The “Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome” price is around $25, and the shipping is included. You receive about 7 items each month, which means that each item costs a little over $3.57.

Ideally, you want each item from your box to be $3.57 or more for the parcel to be worth its price.

We found that the items in our box ranged from $2 - $40, making their average around $36 per item! This, of course, is just a calculation from our package, but That Daily Deal is known for creating boxes that are massively discounted from their retail price!

Company Issues

The Daily Deal doesn’t have a phone number, but they do have an email address for customer support and an online chat open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm EST. These times can be restrictive for most people, but at least an online chat option is available. Most subscription companies only communicate via email.

The website says that you can cancel at any time and that it is easy; however, there is no way to cancel on their website. Instead, you need to try and get hold of them through email or online chat. This is a bit of a red flag for us. Their cancelation process should be easier to find and navigate through.

The Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is only available in the contiguous US, which doesn’t include APO addresses. This is due to shipping costs.

Overall Opinion

If you are after a subscription box for random gems that you might not have realized existed, then the Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome is a fantastic choice. The items are fresh from the warehouse and are of great value.

The price of the box is amazingly low for the value of the products inside, so you know you are going to get an amazing deal.

And if you don’t want to have too many random items coming to your door every month, the mini option is just as amazing.

The only real issue we have is the lack of clarity on That Daily Deal’s cancellation policy. However, their customer support network is strong, so if you do change your mind and need to close down your subscription, you can do so from either a live chat or their email address.