PokeCrate Review

Pokemon has been a craze for over 20 years now, with plenty of fans queuing up for the latest games and merchandise. Pokemon cards alone, for example, have actually become commodities that can be worth large sums of money.

But what about the Pokecrate? Well, this is a one-stop shop for Pokemon goodies - this is a wonderful box that contains cards, sweeties, Pokemon t-shirts and other amazing merchandise. But some people might be wondering whether this is worth the hefty price before committing.

What can you get in your Pokecrate? Are the items worth buying individually or is the whole thing good value for money? Who should you buy one of these PokeCrates for? Do they offer a subscription service?

Well, if you are mad about Pokemon and want all these questions and more answered, then we would suggest that you keep on reading. This review will cover everything that you can get in the PokeCrate, both inside and outside. These products are amazing, but will it be worth all the fuss to get them?

What Is A PokeCrate?

A PokeCrate is a box manufactured by Pokemon that contains a bumper selection of official merchandising. You can get t-shirts, plastic Pokeballs - these are the things that you use to catch Pokemon in the game - candy, Pokemon cards and pins for your clothing.

On the outside, the packaging is great, with the distinctive Pokeball logo on the front. However, because this box is made of cardboard, then it can arrive at your door quite battered and bruised.

Our Pokecrate came to the door with quite a few scuff marks, which might cause some damage to the contents inside.

You can get this box in a subscription, although the website that you order this from has been known to stop the subscription service intermittently.

We would suggest that you do some research before committing to a purchase, as you might like the box but be unable to get a follow-up box if they are doing a limited run.

Is It Worth Buying?

If you are a Pokemon fan, then we would definitely say that this box is worth your while. Not only does it come with some of the common merchandise, but you can also get some rare stuff that you won’t be able to grab off the shop floor.

One drawback to getting this box will be the shipping, which can hike up the final price tag, depending on where in the world you are ordering from.

If you have a child or a teenager that is a fan of Pokemon, then we would definitely recommend that you get a PokeCrate as a one-off treat. Imagine your kid’s face on Christmas day when they see that Pokemon logo on the box and realize that inside is a host of Pokemon goodies.

Again, as we mentioned above, the box is susceptible to damage in transit. We would recommend that you opt for premium shipping with this item, as it will keep the contents on the inside safe from harm.

However, arranging for this shipping might also hike up the price dramatically, so you might want to take the risk and hope the items inside do not get damaged.

What Do You Get In Your PokeCrate?

Now let’s move on to the inside of the crate and see whether all the items are worth the price or subscription fee.

The first thing that you might notice is the t-shirt, emblazoned with the classic Team Rocket insignia. For parents: Team Rocket are the main villains of the Pokemon franchise, although they are probably the most hapless enemies that you might find.

Also inside are Pokemon cards. Now some of these can be very rare. We had Giovanni's Pinsir in the box, which is a very rare Pokemon card indeed. These items can only be found in the PokeCrates, which gives collectors a real incentive to splash out on them.

In more recent years, Pokemon cards have become really valuable collector’s items. This might be the reason that you’ll want to buy these cards in the first place. Not only are these cards worth it, but you can actually sell them for high prices on websites such as eBay.

You can also get some toys in the PokeCrate. We received a Pokeball in ours, although apart from open and close, this doesn’t really do much. You can keep some items in this Pokeball, although there is not that much room inside and the clasp itself is not that secure.

There are also some candies in the PokeCrate, although these have no real affiliation with Pokemon itself. However, you probably won’t see your child or teenager passing up the opportunity for free candy.

You can also get some cool stickers in this package. We received a Mewtwo sticker that would look awesome as decoration for your PC or laptop. You also have a Pokemon feather badge, which will really liven up your school jacket or blazer.

We would say that the main three draws of this PokeCrate are the t-shirt, the cards and the pin, all of which have an actual monetary value on the marketplace. The Pokemon cards might have significant value if you are planning to sell them on the internet. However, we would recommend against buying this box simply for the cards.

Our Final Say

Overall, the PokeCrate is worth the money, although we would recommend that you don’t purchase any more than one and see how you go from there. 

As we have mentioned, the box does not offer your items that much protection, and you might run the risk of some of them breaking.

We would certainly recommend this as a Christmas gift for your Pokemon-loving teenager.