Shades Club Review

When it comes to the summer months, other than sunscreen, there is one item in particular that gets used more than most. That item is… sunglasses. 

When it is very warm outside, sunglasses are a must.

There is nothing worse than driving with the sun in your eyes, trying to read a book in the sun, or finding everything uncomfortably bright to look at!Shades Club is an amazing sunglasses' subscription service that offers stylish and unique designs.

If you are someone that loves owning multiple pairs of shades, then this is the subscription box for you! In this article, we will be talking you through our thoughts on this subscription service, what they have to offer, and whether we think that they are worth trying!

What Is Shades Club?

As we have already touched upon, Shades Club is a super useful monthly sunglasses' subscription service. They offer a different pair of sunglasses each month, and are a great way of finding your new favorite pair of shades. 

They are the number one crowdfunded sunglasses project, which is fantastic, and they have been running since 2015. Interestingly, their return rate is less than 1%, and they are a popular choice with influencers, and celebrities.

While the products are not designer, they may as well be, because the quality of the glasses are impressive, especially when you take into consideration how little the box costs.

You will be getting 12 pairs of well-designed sunglasses over the course of the year, for the price of one, more expensive pair — which we think is an absolute steal!

As the box is a monthly subscription, it is something to look forward to, and while sunglasses are used more in the warmer months, they are still a useful item to have year round. 

How Does Shade Club Work?

Shade Club works on a month-to-month basis. This means that on a specific day of each month, you will receive a new pair of sunglasses. You pay for each box, and in return, the pair of sunglasses you receive are of a high quality and will suit all face types. 

The box is not overly large, and the packaging can be recycled. In the box, you will receive the sunglasses, along with a soft case to keep them safe.

While you are able to purchase sunglasses on the Shades website, all the options that are featured in the box are exclusive to Shades Club members.

Once you have paid for your subscription, it will then continue on a rolling basis. However, you are not stuck in a contract, and this can be cancelled at any time, which is reassuring if Shades Club is something you are just looking to try out, to begin with. 

Pricing Options

All the boxes are the same in that they will contain one pair of sunglasses. However, there are a handful of different pricing options that you can choose between.

The more boxes you purchase upfront, the less expensive they are on the whole, which is something worth considering if you are looking to use Shades Club for some time. 

The pricing options available are:

  • Monthly — This will bill you for one box per month. While the boxes are great value for money on the whole, this is the most expensive option to consider. 
  • 4-Month Prepaid Subscription — Here you will pay for 4 months upfront. However, the cost is less than a monthly subscription.
  • 6-Month Prepaid Subscription — This is a 6-month subscription to be paid for upfront. Again, this costs less than the previous two options.
  • 12-Month Prepaid Subscription — If you want the year subscription for the least amount of money, this prepaid subscription is the best option

As you can see, there are many types of payment options to choose from, depending on your personal preference. What is great about the different payment plans is that you are still receiving the exact same plan, regardless of which option you choose. 

In addition to this, all the subscription boxes come with free shipping across the states. Given this, you do not have to worry about any hidden fees or charges on top of the subscription price.

What Do Shade Club Offer?

In every box there is a pair of high quality sunglasses. While the subscription is slightly more than the average pair of sunglasses, there are a few reasons behind this. The main reason is the quality of the sunglasses.

The quality is particularly great, and it is something that we found impressive. While the shades are not designer, they are a similar quality, and are not easy to break.

This is great because the materials are tougher, and the glasses are built to last. You are receiving back more than what you paid for.

When it comes to the price of the subscription in comparison to the value of the glasses, there is a huge reduction in the price. Every pair of glasses that is included in the box is retailed up to $75, which is over double of the cost of the box.

There is the option to choose between male and female style glasses, and there are plenty of choices within these categories.

This means that there are many options to suit a wide number of tastes. Some styles include — classic, beach shades, and sport. They fit well, and are an impressive quality. 

Is Shade Club Worth it?

Overall, we think that Shades Club is a worthwhile subscription, especially if you are looking for some new shades. They are reasonably priced and great value for money. As you are not stuck or tied into a contract, it is a box you can purchase as and when you need new sunglasses.

Alternatively, if you love sunglasses, choosing a 12-month subscription will help you to save even more money. Overall, the company has great values, and the quality of the sunglasses is great. This is a subscription box we would recommend trying.