Snakku Review

Snakku is unlike many other snack subscriptions services. It is unique in that it is the only Japanese subscription box that comes directly from local snack makers in Japan.

These snacks are always carefully chosen to showcase the beautiful different seasons of Japan. You can choose between specific types of Sankku snacks in local snack shops throughout Japan.

When it comes to the subscription, you can choose between two sizes: the Signature box and the Tasting box.

For today’s review, we will be focusing on their Tasting Box, the smaller of the two.

Whatever size you opt for, however, you will be met with a beautifully packaged assortment of Japanese snacks. If you want to experience the best that Japan has to offer in terms of tasty snacks, then Snakku is a great place to start. 

So, if you’re in the mood for some delicious Japanese treats, stick around as we review the Snakku tasting box. 

How Snakku works

Subscribers to Snakku can enjoy a selection of hand-picked artisan-made treats from different sources throughout Japan. This happens on a month-by-month basis where you receive this selection in one of the two subscription boxes available.

The Signature Box contains the most snacks and is the best choice if you don’t have many other treats around the house.

This subscription box offers an assortment of 20 to 25 snacks at a very reasonable cost. What we love about Snakku is that they ship their Signature Boxes worldwide. So whether you’re in the Bahamas, London, or Minnesota, you can enjoy the flavors of small enterprises in Japan.

The Tasting Box has around 3 pounds less food inside and is a great option to go alongside other snacks around your home.

These subscription boxes contain 5 to 7 seasonal snacks and are half the price of the Signature Box. Unlike the signature Box, the Tasting subscription box only ships to the US which is a little disappointing for those around the world.

The types of snacks available

Snakku offers various specialty snacks that boast unique yet delicious flavors. Each snack is sourced from local Japanese shops and are very hard to find outside Japan. Thank goodness for a subscription because you will certainly be coming back for more, time and time again.

Some of these specialty snacks include:

  • The Tokyo Rusk Square
  • The Strawberry Kirara
  • The Chocolate Senbei

The Tokyo Rusk Square

When you first open the neat wrapping and gaze upon the Tokyo Wrap Square, you may be left a little disappointed. Compared to most American-sized snacks, this is tiny. Think of a sugar cube and it’s about the same size. The good news is that it’s all about the quality and not the quantity.

These petite snacks are full of flavor that burst in your mouth as you bite into them. We found the strawberry and white chocolate flavor delectable.

Just one single bite was an absolute taste sensation. The only problem is that they are so small. One or two bites and they are gone! Trust us, you will be wishing you ordered more after you finish off these Tokyo Rusk Squares.

The Strawberry Kirara

If you liked the sound of the Tokyo Rusk Square with its strawberry goodness, then you will love the Strawberry Kirara.

These are simple cookies but are filled with whipped cocoa butter and freeze-dried strawberries. Hungry yet? We are! The strawberries are freeze-dried to preserve the strong flavors and nutrients found within the berries.

If you’re ever visiting Japan and find yourself in Kyushu (the third largest island of Japan), you can find Strawberry Kirara at the famous Fuubian shop. You’ll have to be quick though as these cookies are extremely popular and sell out all the time.

We found these cookies to be satisfyingly sweet and incredibly delicious. Out of all of the snacks inside the Tasting Box, this was one of the tastiest treats on show.

The Chocolate Senbei

This one is hit and miss with many consumers. Compared to the Tokyo Rusk Square and the Strawberry Kirara, the Chocolate Senbei can be a bit strong. Well, we found the crispy Senbei cracker inside could have been tastier without the toasted sesame seed flavor.

However, the chocolate coating on the outside of this snack is delicious. It’s just the inside that lets this particular snack down. The combination of the Senbei cracker and the toasted sesame seeds just don’t work that well together.

We would love to try it again if the sesame seed flavor was a little milder. With this simple fix, we think the Chocolate Senbei could become a winner!

Some other popular snacks include:

  • The Bourbon Crisp
  • The Ebi Shrimp Senbei
  • The Vegetable Crackers

The Bourbon Crisp 

This is a crispy wafer and is easier to find in Asian markets and online when compared to the previous snacks above. If you prefer cookies, then this isn’t the best option for you but for our fellow wafer lovers, you will love this.

The Ebi Shrimp Senbei

There is no surprise that this snack is very shrimpy. But, if you like a shrimp flavor, then you will agree with us when we say that the Ebi Shrimp Senbei is delicious. As with many Senbei products, this is very flavorful and satisfying. You may even feel like you’re eating real seafood.

The Vegetable Crackers

One word can sum these up: Delicious! Unlike some veggie chips, these have no grease coating and taste fresh with a crispy texture. And these little chips are full of flavor. If you’re lucky, you may be able to enjoy a few snacks out of one bag of these chips. You’ll definitely want more!

In Summary

In general, the smaller of Snakku’s subscription boxes should last about a week. This may vary from one person to the next, of course.

While these are snacks, they are certainly high-quality and not the usual chips you get from the local store. With assorted crackers, cookies, nuts, dried fruits, and candy, you are spoilt for choice with what Snakku has to offer.

If you like sweets, the Tasting Subscription Box is a great option. For a delicious insight into the treats of the Japanese culture, we can’t think of any better way than ordering Snakku subscription boxes.