Spicy Subscriptions Review

Once upon a time, sex was considered a forbidden subject, a topic of conversation only spoken about behind closed doors. But in our modern society, things are a little different and sex can be found across all popular cultures.

Not only is sex a natural activity that many of us enjoy, but it is also the subject of television shows, best-selling novels and blockbuster films. 

Spicy Subscriptions Review

In a world where sex is now more common and widely accepted, wanting to explore your sexuality is considered a positive thing - especially if you wish to explore it with a consenting partner who has the same sexual interests.

Now there are numerous ways that a couple can spice up their relationship, be it through role-play, BDSM or simply the addition of toys into the bedroom. 

These days you can readily purchase sex toys from various out-and-proud establishments, with there even being high-class brands who provide the service.

However, if you and your partner are not comfortable going into a store to buy your supply of goodies, then there are other options available. 

So if you and your lover are ready to explore your sexual passions, but without the hassle of having to enter a dark and seedy store - then you can always give Spicy Subscriptions a try. 

What Is Spicy Subscriptions?

Spicy Subscriptions is a monthly ‘adult’ subscription box that is primarily marketed towards adventurous and consenting adults who wish to bring some fun and passion back into their sex lives.

Although the subscription box is perfect for devoted couples, this does not mean it can’t also be enjoyed by sexually active singles who prefer some alone time. 

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy announcing their sexual appetites to the world, then you have nothing to fear. Spicy Subscriptions deliver all of their monthly boxes in discreet packaging, which will go undetected by the postal service.

The monthly ‘Spice Box’ will also come with a variety of different products, which can range from scented candles and massage oils to more graphic adult items. 

How Does It Work?

When it comes to signing up for a Spice Box, all you have to do is go to the Spicy Subscriptions website and choose the package deal you want. To do this you must be over 18 years old and make an account with the website.

The company also offers the option of signing up for their email newsletter, which will provide you with information regarding future promotions and subscription deals. 

Spicy Subscriptions currently offers four different subscription packages, with each subscription box containing an array of different products and costing a different price. The cheapest package that the company currently offers is the monthly subscription box, which will ensure you receive a discreetly packaged box with each new month.

The company also offers subscription bundles such as the 4-month subscription Spice Box and the 8-month subscription Spice Box. 

Currently, the 8-month subscription box is the most expensive package that the company offers. Spicy Subscriptions also offers a quarterly subscription known as the Elite Spice Box, which will only be sent to subscribers every 3 months.

The Elite Spice Box has a retail value of around $250 and will usually include a wider variety of items and toys than the traditional Spice box. 

When signing up for a Spicy Subscriptions package deal, you will not be expected to answer any questions. You also will have the ability to cancel your subscription at any time, regardless of which plan you have chosen to purchase.

If you do not cancel your subscription plan, then the subscription will automatically renew once it has been completed. 

What Do You Get?

Every month you will receive a discreetly packaged Spice Box, containing a wide selection of products, with each box pertaining to a monthly theme. In the box, you will find a detailed information card, which will outline the various products you have received.

The card will also contain the box’s theme, as well as provide you with detailed instructions on how to use the sex toys. The information card carries various suggestions on how to fully enjoy the products, so we would not recommend immediately throwing them away. 

All items inside your Spice Box has been professionally selected by the company’s host of sex experts, who travel the country searching for the best new products that money can buy.

A traditional Spice Box will usually contain a variety of products such as lubricant samples, nail polish, massage oils and scented candles. A monthly subscription box will also contain at least one sex toy, which can be anything from a vibrator to a sexual massager. 

Is It Worth It?

But is the Spice Box worth the money? Well, considering that each box will usually contain some variety of vibrators or massagers, we believe that the price of the monthly subscription box is more than enough.

However, this does not mean that the box contains particularly high-quality items, and you may be left pondering the amount of money you have spent. 

One of our biggest concerns surrounding the subscription box is the monthly theme and the number of items you may receive. Because there is hardly any information concerning what future boxes might contain, you may find yourself receiving a box that only holds a small massager and a few samples of nail polish.

The monthly themes are also unnecessary, as they are often nondescript and the items inside will not reflect them. 


If you are interested in experimenting with toys and other sexual products, then we would recommend using Spicy Subscriptions as your first introduction to the world of kink.

However, we would also recommend only experimenting with the company until you have found a better subscription that can provide a wider selection of high-quality products. 

We believe that this subscription box can be enjoyed by singles and couples alike, however, it is clear from one look at the box that it is primarily aimed at a female demographic.

Although there is nothing wrong with this, the box’s selection of products could alienate heterosexual male partners, especially with the limited selection of toys the company seems to favour.