Swaag Box Review

If you’ve ever experienced a heavy period, then you’ll know how depressing that it can be. Changing your clothes, temperature flushes and mood swings are a big part of the experience and there can often be nothing that will lift your mood.

However, this is where the Swaag box can help change all that. This box comes to you once a month in the post and comes with all sorts of goodies that can help cheer you up during a potentially stressful time. This is designed not to make you feel indulgent, but confident and attractive.

This comes with cosmetics and feminine hygiene products that are designed by women… for women. Luckily the people who have designed this product know what exactly women suffering from periods are looking for.

So where exactly can you find this Swaag box? What products are inside? Is it worth the subscription fee? How easy is this box to open? Is the packaging safe? Will your products arrive damaged in the post?

Well, we have the answers to all of these questions and a few more. This is an in-depth review of the Swaag box, what is inside and whether you should fork out your hard-earned cash on this box. We’ll give you a list of pros and cons, as well as what the company wants to achieve and whether they have been successful in their aims.

What Is The Swaag Box?

Swag is a feminine hygiene box that gives you plenty of products for that difficult time of the month. This box has a focus on re-beautifying you, lifting you out of those period blues and giving you the tools that you need to get out and about once again.

This is great for when you don’t feel yourself. Bloating and hormonal changes can make you feel very self-conscious about your body. It includes enough candies to give you that sugar buzz, as well as an assortment of lipstick, blusher, eyeshadow and mascara.

This company offers you many different subscription styles. You can get one box for just $5 a month. You can also subscribe for 6 months, which will cost you no more than $14. This is great for students or young girls that might just have started their periods and want something discreet in the post.

This will save you the awkwardness of having to go to the store for your sanitary products. This will come in a nice and discreet package in the post once a month. You won’t have to feel shy about starting your period - the Swaag box will remove the awkwardness of human interaction.

Is It Worth Your Money?

As we have mentioned above, the Swaag box comes with not just sanitary and feminine hygiene products, but will also come with jewelry and make-up, although these do come at an increased price.

For only $6 more, you can get some great make-up, although do not expect any high-street brands here. This is a great starter pack for adolescent girls, who might only have started applying make-up and aren’t searching for the latest high-street brands of make-up.

If you are paying more for the whole set, then you’ll probably end up saving yourself a lot more money. You can also get some candies in your box, which is aimed as a sugar boost more than anything else.

However, if you are feeling very body-conscious during your period, then snacks might be the last thing on your mind.

Luckily, this company gives you the ability to customize your box. You can leave the sweet treats and just opt for the make-up if that’s what you want.

If you really want to save yourself a few dollars, then we would recommend that you just opt for sanitary products, which will cost you roughly $5 without shipping costs.

What Is Inside The Swaag Box?

Inside the Swaag box are plenty of goodies, although this will all depend on which box that you’ll be paying for. For the double make-up set you can expect the following products:

  • Maybelline New York Color Sensational Porcelain Popsicks Lip Color in 860 Smooth Taupe (Retail Value: $6)
  • NYC New York Color Volumizing Mascara Show Time Mascara in 844 Black (Retail Value: $5)
  • NYC New York Color Smooth & Natural Matte Powder Bronzer in Golden Glow (Retail Value: $5)
  • Tampax Pearl (Retail Value: $4.99)
  • 4 Candy fun size bars

Now, if you are willing to pay a little extra, you can also get some jewelry in your box. You can get two charm bracelets that have a retail value of around $30 in your make-up box.

 A lot of users have highly rated this product simply because of the number of amazing things that you get in there, all for a very reasonable price.

 The one drawback is that some adult women might find the make-up and bracelets a little cheap. If you want top-of-the-range items, then we would recommend that you just get the sanitary products in the post and buy the make-up and jewelry separately.

 If you are conscious about your body, then we would certainly suggest that you leave out the snacks from this box. 

Our Final Say

 All-in-all, this is a neat little concept aimed at improving the confidence of women and reducing the awkwardness of buying sanitary products from the store. This is a box that is designed by women, so they know what women are looking for.

 The one great thing about this box is how much you can customize it. This also comes with a handy card that will detail what exactly you have in your box. This is great for both adult women and young girls experiencing their first period.