The Nick Box Review

When you were a kid, you probably spent your days wishing that you were older, so that you could experience all the secrets and mysteries of the adult world.

Because when you’re a kid, it just seems like adults are the ones to have all the fun. Not only can adults drive and drink alcohol, but they can also stay up late, watch horror movies and spend their time discussing the things that adults like to talk about.

The only issue is that no one ever tells you that growing up is not an easy thing to do, or that one day you could wake up in your 30’s and long to be a child all over again.

Trying to recapture the nostalgia of your childhood is not an easy thing to do, but luckily there are now subscription boxes that do a lot of the work for you.

If you were a child growing up in the 90s, then chances are Nickelodeon was a huge part of your development. Before the rise of Drake & Josh or iCarly, Nickelodeon was known for its animated shows like The Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Ren and Stimpy.

So if these are the shows you grew up with, then you can now relive those fond memories with The Nick Box.

What Is The Nick Box?

The Nick Box is an officially licensed quarterly subscription box that is primarily marketed towards adults who have spent their childhoods watching the animated shows of Nickelodeon.

Produced to provide nostalgia and joy to hardcore fans and collectors, the Nick Box is only really suitable for those people whose childhoods were filled with images of talking babies and cat-dog hybrids.

The subscription box was originally launched in 2016 by a company called CultureFly, which specialises in the production of fandom-based subscription boxes. The company openly views pop culture fads as a way to establish connections and conversations between distant communities.

They are also the company responsible for other pop culture subscriptions such as the Pusheen box, The Office box and World’s Finest: The Collection.

Although The Nick Box can also be easily purchased for a young child, the theming and merchandise usually pertain to Nickelodeon shows that aired during the 90s and early 2000s.

This means that a younger child may not recognize the characters or franchises. As we have previously discussed, this box has been mainly produced for an adult audience.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to signing up for The Nick Box, all you have to do is go to the Nick Box website and make an account with the website.

This is a relatively simple process that will only need your name and email address to be completed, you will also need to create your password for the account. 

When making your Nick Box account, you will also be asked if you wish to join their newsletter, which will keep you updated on future subscription boxes and themes.

Currently, the Nick Box website only offers a single quarterly subscription plan, which sees a new subscription box being released with every new season. This means that when you have signed up for the Nick Box, you can expect to receive four different boxes throughout the year.

After you have set up your subscription, the plan will automatically renew until you wish to cancel it, which is a simple process that should be completed before the next recharge date. Each box costs $49.99 and can be easily exchanged as gifts or returned if you have any issues.

Unfortunately, the Nick Box is currently only available for shipping within the continental United States, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, other U.S territories and Canada.

So if you are a Nickelodeon fan who currently resides in a European or Australasian country, then the Nick Box is not available for you to purchase.

What Do You Get?

Every new season you will receive a large box that is decorated with vibrant patterns and collages featuring iconic Nickelodeon animated characters. Each box will usually be designed to a certain theme, with the contents inside the box reflecting this.

For example, the winter box may feature a space theme, while the contents of the summer box could pertain to a theme such as adventure or horror. Typically the box will include an array of one-of-a-kind items, which can range from figurines to more basic household items.

All merchandise you receive in the box has been specially designed by CounterFly, making it unique and only available through the subscription plan.

Because the box is aimed primarily at adult buyers and collectors, this means that you can receive anything from a one-off action figure or toy to an oven mitt or umbrella. 

All merchandise you receive will feature iconic Nickelodeon characters and can be displayed or used around the house.

Is It Worth It?

But is The Nick Box worth your money? Well, considering that each seasonal box will usually contain up to eleven different items, we believe that the price of the seasonal boxes is more than worth it.

Unlike other subscription boxes that would usually source their merchandise from other companies and stores, Nick Box produces all of its officially licensed products in house, which means that they are original and made for your entertainment and collection.

The Nick Box website also provides subscribers with a general idea of what the next box will contain. This can be very helpful in discerning the amount of merchandise you will receive, especially if you are still unsure of whether the subscription box is worth your money.


If you are the kind of person who loves to relive the by-gone days of childhood, then we would highly recommend purchasing the Nick Box to fulfil your nostalgic cravings.

Although the box celebrates animated shows and franchises aimed at children, the retro vibe and household merchandise make it the perfect subscription for an adult who grew up watching television during the late 1990s.

Easy to set up and cancel, the subscription is ideal for collectors and fans alike and can be easily exchanged as gifts among friends.