Vinyl Me Please Review

If you are a music lover, and you are looking to expand your vinyl collection, the Vinyl Me Please subscription service is certainly worth considering. When it comes to subscription box services for music lovers, they are few and far between.

This is why this service is so fantastic, because it puts a musical twist on a great idea! If you are interested in this subscription box, but are not quite sure if it is worth the money, this is the article for you. 

In this article, we have provided you with an in depth review of Vinyl Me Please, focusing on aspects such as the subscriptions available, the quality and the costs. 

What is Vinyl Me Please?

As we have already touched upon, Vinyl Me Please is a subscription based service that provides the subscriber with one vinyl per month. What is positive about the subscription is that the vinyls are exclusive, and they are options you would not be able to pick up regularly.

VMP is a popular company that is well known for the quality of the vinyls they sell, and also the wide range of genres and music they have to offer. They help to promote a deeper connection to music, and they offer records in their online store in addition to this subscription service too — many of which are exclusive to VMP.

Types Of Subscriptions Available

The VMP subscription service is called the VMP club. What is positive about the club is that there are a number of additional benefits you will receive in addition to the vinyl each month. 

What impressed us about this service is that there is a large amount of choice when it comes to the vinyl you receive. There is not just one vinyl sent out to everyone, they allow you to pick between four different genres, and will send a vinyl to you that is within your preferred genre. 

Here are the four different genre options:


The classics include genres such as blues, jazz, and soul. This is a great option if you are looking for a more chilled out and laid back vibe.

A record of the month example is It’s Magic by Abbey Lincoln.


The essentials genre covers a wide variety of different options. This is the most versatile option to choose, and it is worth it if you love all kinds of music. It showcases a wide variety of options from different eras. 

A record of the month example is De-Loused in the Comatorium by The Mars Volta.


If you are into hip-hop, then this is the perfect subscription for you. What is good about this genre is that it covers a wide variety of options from new SoundCloud artists, too kicking it back with some old school tracks. 

A record of the month example is Word of Mouf by Ludacris. 


Country is a very popular music genre, and one that is well-loved. Again, this subscription covers a wide variety of different options, from the classics, through to today’s popular country hits. 

A record of the month example is For My Broken Heart by Reba McEntire.

What is handy about this subscription, is that while there are four genres to choose from, you are also told what the record of the month is going to be. This is useful because it means that you are not sent an album you are unhappy with, as you can see the choice before subscribing. 

However, it does take the surprise element out of this subscription service.


When looking at the cost, it is not the cheapest subscription box available, especially when you take into consideration that you only receive two items that are delivered.

However, when you take into consideration how expensive deluxe vinyls are, and that these are exclusive, it is good value for the money.

This is a fantastic option for someone that is interested in vinyls and will want to significantly grow their rare collections. All four subscriptions you can choose from cost the same amount of money.

In addition to this, you do not have to pay for the delivery as this is free, which is a great addition. When it comes to the membership, you are not stuck in any contract, and you are free to cancel it at any time. This is useful if there is a month you want to skip if you are not keen on the vinyl provided. 

What is included

When it comes to the contents of the boxes, they all feature a deluxe edition vinyl. This is why the price is slightly higher, as these are a rarer edition of the vinyl that collectors would be particularly interested in. The editions are exclusive to VMP, which makes them more valuable.

In addition to this, you are given the listening notes booklet, which the majority of fans will appreciate reading and revisiting. The record is also foil stamped and has a pressing location.

You also receive exclusive store access with VMP, where you can browse and purchase the other exclusive vinyls they have to offer on their site. 

What is good about the subscription is that you are not tied to a specific genre. If you want to change the genre each month, this is easy to do, and there are no extra charges for doing this. 


We think that the Vinyl Me Please subscription service is certainly worth purchasing. It is fantastic value for the money, and offers vinyls that are not available anywhere else. 

The vinyls play well, arrive safely, and are of a fantastic quality. The access to the VMP store is useful, and is a fun way of expanding your vinyl collection if you are a collector and music lover. 

The box is fairly priced when you take into consideration how expensive vinyls are. It is useful that you can switch between subscriptions and that you can cancel the subscription at any given time.