Wet Shave Club Review

The Wet Shave Club is an online club service for razors, designed or wet shaving. You might have heard of them because they very popularly launched a monthly subscription box, which then failed spectacularly.

They reconsidered their business model, and they themselves put forth a statement of why the subscription box had failed, and why they are now a club service, which works a lot better, and which customers benefit from a lot more. 

But what exactly is the Wet Shave Club? And what does it offer? We can answer these questions, along with a few others. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you will be able to decide for yourself whether it’s worth it or not! 

Let’s get right into it! 

What is the Wet Shave Club?

The Wet Shave Club is essentially just an online service that focuses on all things wet shaving. The main product that they sell is different types of razors. However, they also sell different shaving accessories, creams, and even kits. 

The club is based on a service that works without subscriptions and without monthly fees. You choose whichever products you want, in a one-time purchase, and they get delivered to you in a single box.

You can obviously go back and buy more whenever you want, but it essentially means that you aren’t tied down to keep on paying every month for samples and products that you otherwise wouldn’t choose to buy. 

But on top of this, all of the blades and razors that the Wet Shave Club sells are completely decentralized.

This means that you could use the Wet Shave Club razors with blades that you buy from other places, as it isn’t a unique design that can only be used with its own brand of products, they are adaptable and can be used with other brands too! This way, you aren’t forced to keep on buying from the Wet Shave Club, unless you really want to! 

Unlike the old subscription box, which delivered monthly samples and products for a very high price, the Club is simply an online shop with products designed to last a lifetime, and with the flexibility to only buy what you want, whenever you want, no strings attached! 

What does the Wet Shave Club offer?

So, there used to be a Wet Shave subscription box, with monthly samples and products. But now the company is a Club, from which you can purchase whichever products you like, whenever you like, no strings attached. 

But what does the Wet Shave Club offer? Let’s take a quick look at some of the main products. 


All of the razors from the Wet Shave Club are made of metal and can be used with plenty of different types of blades from many other brands, so they are highly adaptable razors of a very high quality, designed to last you a pretty long time. 

The top razors, which have become the most popular amongst customers, are the ‘Merica Razor, the Winning Razor, and the Super Safe Safety Razor. 

Shave Kits:

The shave kits are basically just little packs, designed for different types of shaves, that come with a few necessary essential items, all in one. These are great for when you want to get all the basic items at once, and it’s especially good for beginners that would otherwise not quite know which products to get on the whole. 

The top shave kits are the Starter Kit (the best for beginners or newbies within the club), the Bald Man Kit, and the Women’s Kit. 


There are plenty of different accessories that can make your wet shaving experience all the better, and that complement most of the essential items. Some of the main accessories available are brushes, soaps, and blades. Some of these you get within the kits if you’d rather not have to think about what you need and what you don’t need. 


The solutions are special creams that can be applied before or after shaving, depending on the type, in order to make the shaving experience all the better and more comfortable. Plus, they are designed to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and non-irritated. 

The main two solutions available through the Wet Shave Club are the razor burn prevention solution and the sensitive skin solution. 

What do customers think of the Wet Shave Club?

So, the subscription box failed, but the Wet Shave Club seems to be up and running successfully, which is a pretty good sign. But what exactly do customers think?

For starter’s the Wet Shave Club has gained quite a lot of traction and popularity thanks to being recognized as the top and best club for shaving products, by a few media outlets. Amongst the most important ones, it was recognized by The Manual, by Men’s Health, and by Hi Consumption. 

On TrustPilot, the Wet Shave Club has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, and on the official website, all of the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Most customers rave about the excellent quality of the products, the affordable pricing, and how the no-subscription service allows for complete freedom in regards to what you purchase and when with no traps or obligations to keep coming back for more.

Therefore, the fact that customers keep going back is an incredibly good sign and attests to the appeal of the quality and design of all these products. 

Is the Wet Shave Club worth it?

To sum this up, let’s answer the important question: is Wet Shave Club worth it? In our opinion, the answer is 100% yes. 

The products are amazing, with overly positive reviews and praise from customers and media outlets. The pricing is reasonable and affordable, and the way in which the service is designed allows you to try out the products without being tied down to the brand, as you could even use their razors with blades from other businesses and companies! 

Well worth trying out a product or two, so you can see for yourself.