Wohven Review

Being fashionable costs a lot of money, right? Well Wohven wants to prove that statement wrong.

Wohven is a T Shirt company that creates basic designs for a sleek look, as well as graphic designs that are clean and don’t rely on trends.

Walking around town, the best shirts you see aren’t the ones with a Nike tag or a Gucci brand; they are the exciting designs that make you take a step back and wonder where the person found it.

Wohven Review

Wohven is a subscription box which sends you an original Tee every month with a design created by a new artist each time. The subscription costs between $9 and $20, depending on your style.

Fantastic idea right! But let's see how good their product is.

Wohven Designs

Each month you get a new design created for you by a new artist. This artist will even send you a poster with the design on, so if you want to hang it on your wall you can!

The back of this poster has a little bit of information about the artist in question, with their picture and some fun information about who they are.

Each design is different but you can expect a linear print which has even been filled in with block colors or designed to have minimalist texture. These designs are always placed on the chest of the tee, so you can be sure that there is some level of consistency.

The overall colors of the tee range from earthy brown, to desert rock red; shallow sea blue to classic black. Each has a touch of speckled white to bring a cozy warmth to the colors.

The tops themselves are made out of 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester, which creates a soft and comfortable touch with a little bit of stretch.

Men’s Sizing

Men’s sizes in general are pretty standard across the board and Wohven is no different. If you are normally a medium size, then you should buy a medium size package. If you are between sizes, we recommend playing safe and going up a band so that the tees definitely fit.

We have noticed that larger sizes like XL and XXL are not as large as we would have wanted them to be. So if you fit into these brackets normally, we recommend that you measure yourself before clicking through an order.

The shape of the tee is the typical straight-down formation that you would expect from a men’s top, and the length should reach at least a couple of inches below your waist.

This means that no matter your gender, if you prefer a square shape and a long top, then we suggest going for the Men’s version of this tee subscription box.

Women’s Sizing

Before we say anything, we need to mention that a Men’s medium is double the size of a Woman’s large. This is super important to point out because our self-esteem is often attached to these types of labels.

Of course, this isn’t just a Wohven problem; this is an industry-wide problem. So, keep this ridiculous sizing discrimination in mind when choosing a size that is best for you.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s check out Wohven’s specific sizings for Women. Their Women’s section has a fitted shape that leans towards the small side, so we suggest that you aim for a size larger than your normal choice; unless you like a tight top.

The Women’s Tee also has a smaller graphic design in the center of the top, so that the art should stop at the mid-bust line.  It is also designed to be long, so its hem should stop a couple of inches below the waist, creating a longer and slimmer effect on your shape.

If you have a larger bust than the average, then the women’s sizing will probably be too small for you, and the long design will likely become shorter. The graphic design will likely finish before your mid-bust line too. If this sounds like a problem you deal with often, we suggest buying the Men’s size.

Company Pitfalls

It is essential to note the good and the bad whenever we do a review, and we cannot shy away from Wohven's track record for customer service.

Some customers had noticed, like we had, that the larger sizes are not what you would typically expect from a standard tee, so these customers contacted Wohven by email.

This is the first issue we had noticed; there is no phone number to contact Wohven. Instead, your only option is to use email. Of course, not every person is able to use emails, so this method can be restrictive.

With only email services available, these customers were waiting weeks for a reply only to find that the new tees they were given as replacements were still too small.

As it seemed that there were no tops available in their size, these customers asked for a refund and found that Wohven does not give out refunds. Again, this doesn’t seem like a great customer service experience.

If you are a large size or smaller, you shouldn’t have this issue with sizing, but remember that the customer service is a little slow.

The second thing we wanted to mention shouldn’t really be called a pitfall. We believe that the Women’s sizes are just too small, and the Men’s tops are actually amazing for everyone. They have a larger print, a roomy cut, and in general, they simply look better!

Our Verdict

Wohven is a fantastic subscription box service for those of us who want fresh designs without breaking the bank. We loved the soft and comfy material, as well as the timeless linear designs.

For us, the Men’s sizes are without a doubt the better choice for anyone who is interested in buying a Wohven subscription box.

But before you sign up, remember that the customer service has some way to go before we can happily say they are up to scratch.